Wednesday, July 30, 2014

happy eid, gaza


brothers and sisters of Gaza,
you were granted the highest achievement a Believer can possibly get,
during the month of maghfirah and rahmah.

despite the pain, horrifying explosions and the endless tears.
you are now celebrating eid,
in His Jannah together with all the syuhada loved by Allah.
in the most beautiful way, subhanallah.

and me, still in this ugly world, trying to make myself happy.
I envy you. all off you.
and how I miss you so much, and even thinking of meeting you someday,
bring tears and the feeling of hope and joy.

happy eid, the people of Paradise.
how I pray that I can be amongst you one day.
in shaa Allah :)


happy eid :)
happy getting back to our very own beautiful fitrah.
so pure. so kind. so, obedient, to Allah.


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